How I went from corporate finance officer to helping people align their business "why" with God's plan and purpose for their life.

Before I created the S.O.U.L. Plan. Before I wrote my first book. Before I started coaching business owners, recorded my first podcast or launched my first business.

...I was a determined corporate finance officer.

...And I was driven by a desire to maximize three things in my life: Money. Power. Recognition.

That's why I was scared to death of obeying the still small voice telling me "pour your love into your husband and home." Instead of listening, I held on for dear life to what I viewed as the source of my success and career. 

Husband & Home and Missteps...

My journey into business coaching began when I finally quit my job so I could do what I sensed God telling me to do.

Which was hard because I loved my job. And I was good at it! I built high-performing teams. Raised capital. Led with vigor and inspiration. Made lots of money.

I love to work hard! And I have the tombstones to prove it!

The Next Few Years Were Rough

After I left my high-powered corporate career, I was broken.


Humbled…for sure.

Lesson…eventually learned.

Focus on what matters most… finally restored.

Eventually I started thinking, it's time to "take the leap" back into the world of business, and this time, as "my own boss."

But my deepest fear surfaced…

…that perhaps my desire to build a profitable business (and for money, power and recognition which by the way was still alive and well), wasn’t totally aligned with God’s will.

Scary thought!

Have you ever had that thought?

As a Jesus Girl who desired to be the best I could be and to create wealth in the process, my deepest fear was that my previous missteps were an indicator my ambition didn't properly line up with God's plan and purpose for my life.

  • Have you ever questioned whether your wealth-creating ambition aligns with God's will for your life?
  • Have you ever wondered if your ambition to start and build a for-profit business is God's best for you?
  • Have you ever considered whether the business risk you’re about to take or you've already taken, is the right one for the right reasons?
  • Are you questioning how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be…in the right way - the way that produces outcomes which serve GOD'S PLAN for your life?

In the aftermath of my missteps, I struggled to answer these questions. But I finally did. And I learned the following in the process:

"Building a profitable, sustainable business or a career you love is connected to you first becoming a better person," and...

“Becoming a better person is connected to your willingness to align “why” you want to achieve success with the God-given purpose for your life.”

What I discovered is the power of ALIGNMENT!

Get Rid of That Uncomfortable Tension...FOREVER! 

Today, I get to do what I love!

I'm the Managing Partner of an accounting firm...but moreover...

...I'm a business coach who helps Christians in business say "bye-bye" to that uncomfortable tension associated with thinking your desire for money, power and recognition might conflict with your desire to serve God.

I created a framework that'll help you find the ALIGNMENT you're looking for... you can confidently pursue your profitable business venture and make more, save more and give more money than you ever thought possible to the glory of God!

I've helped other highly-motivated Christian business owners tap into the POWER of ALIGNMENT with a HIGHER PURPOSE for business...

...and experience great success from having an enlightened self-awareness of why business matters...beyond the obvious purpose of making profits. And I can help you, too!


I teach what I know.

Here's the problem...

I had... shall I say, an "arrogant mindset" ... towards God's idea of leaving my powerful corporate career, and by default, of letting go of my quest for money, power and recognition - so I could "pour my love into my husband and home."

Therefore..., God had to break me down!

And that's just what He did! 


Eventually, I learned the why of it all...

It took long hours writing in my journal and painful "ugly cry" prayer experiences. But finally I realized...

...with all my career success...I hadn’t kept the main thing the main thing…that is, focus on my family.

I teach what I’ve personally walked through.

I teach how to start and build your business for reasons that won't distract from your relationship with God.

I teach keys for aligning two important desires: your desire for money, power and recognition, and your desire to fulfill God's purpose for your life and business.

I teach the principles and standards of generous leadership.

I also teach what I’ve learned during my high-powered corporate finance career, as leader of a CPA firm and a business owner.

I teach how to analyze your company's value chain so you can design, implement and monitor systems that generate profits and create shared value. 

Social entrepreneurs and I hold some beliefs in common. But you don't have to build a social enterprise to align your desire for business success with your desire to fulfill higher purposes for business.

You simply need to:

  • Tap into your “higher MOTIVE” for being in business
  • Follow “higher STANDARDS” for running your business
  • Pursue “higher USES” for business profits

You simply need a S.O.U.L. Plan!

Start aligning your business purpose with God's plan and purpose for your life!

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