Are you a woman Christianpreneur, conflicted by your desire to create business wealth and your desire to serve God? Is that conflict causing you to drag your feet in starting or growing your business? ... You're NOT alone.

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Each week, you can join like-minded business leaders and learn how to ...

  • Get rid of the conflict holding you back

  • Ground your business vision, mission and values to higher level ideals

  • Pray for your business success to create a competitive advantage!


The S.O.U.L. Plan 

  • Learn how to align your desires with a higher purpose for business.
  • Unlock the code to your business success.
  • Understand your business's essential reason for being.
  • Discover a sustainable way to motivate you around a business purpose that matters to God.

Hi, I'm Julaine

Creator of the S.O.U.L. Plan and leader of the G Corporation Community. I want to help you align your desire to create business wealth with your desire to serve God. My purpose is to teach you that:

  • You can ground your business vision, mission and values in higher-level ideals.
  • You can say “yes” to making profit but “no” to the idea of making profit at all costs.
  • You can embrace your relationship with God and trust that it, along with your desire to create wealth, will help you build a life and business you love.

Loving God and Making Money – the Podcast

With my co-host, Kaila Alvarez, top-notch guests and actionable, inspiring truths pumping through your earbuds, the Loving God and Making Money podcast is a “can’t miss” listening experience if you're a business leader, boss babe or "wanna be" who loves JESUS.


ALIGN with a compelling purpose and maximize your results!

/ a‧lign /  (v.)  to adjust to produce a proper relationship or orientation.

You can raise the bar on business purpose by grounding it in higher-level ideals motivated by your love for God and people. 

I remember the day this truth became clear to me, as well as what it took for me to get there. Listen to my Tedx-type talk to SAP Concur employees to learn more about my journey.


Ready to release the power of deep listening in your life that will get you into the right frame of mind for business?

This SOUL Plan Guide contains 3 spiritual disciplines that will unleash your potential and become a deep source of inspiration and power behind your competitive advantage.