Are you feeling stirred to start a business and make more, save more and give more than you ever dreamed possible all to the glory of God... You're NOT alone

Christians in every nation are being stirred up by God to start and build profitable businesses for purposes beyond profits.

I invite you to start your ascent to building a higher-purpose business by developing your S.O.U.L. Plan and becoming a G Corporation.

Developing your S.O.U.L. Plan and Becoming a G Corporation will help you... 

  • Anchor your business "why" in a purpose that makes money and fulfills God's plan for your life.
  • Grab hold to the sense of being part of something greater than yourself.
  • Lead with high levels of engagement and creativity as you confidently and skillfully make higher profits for purposes beyond profit.

Hi, I'm Julaine

Creater of the S.O.U.L. Plan and Founder of the G Corporation Incubator.

Finding a deeper "why" for business - a purpose tied to your relationship with God - can be challenging.

But if you don't make that connection, you risk making wrong business decisions or doing work that sucks the life out of you.

I use the ancient truth about business - that it's spiritual - to help you discover your intrinsic purpose for business and build a profitable company for purposes beyond profit. 

I invite you to develop your S.O.U.L. Plan and become a G Corporation!

You Can Have Purpose. Passion. Profits.

I remember the day it became clear to me how important having a purpose beyond profits is to sustainable business success, as well as what it took for me to get there. Listen to my Tedx-type talk to SAP Concur employees to learn more about my journey.

Make more, Save more and Give more than you ever thought possible!

Are you ready to align your business purpose with God's plan and purpose for your life?