If you are a faith-driven business owner who wants to elevate the purpose for business... You're NOT alone.

I want to personally invite you to start your company's purpose ascent by learning what it means to be a purpose-driven business leader called  "G Corporation."

According to a Harvard Business Review study, purpose-driven companies deliver higher quality products and services and outperform their competition. Purpose-driven companies are led by leaders with a purpose.

You can become a business leader with a purpose called a "G Corporation" and

  • Ground your vision, mission and values for your new or growing business to higher-level personal brand ideals

  • Build a business where purpose beyond profits drives business culture and strategy, and influences decision making

  • Fully integrate your business knowledge and faith so you can take your business purpose to a higher level.

Your G Corporation Journey... 

  • Aligns your personal aspirations for business success with a purpose beyond profits.
  • Transforms your business purpose and helps you create shared value.
  • Starts when you develop the Strategic. Objectives. Uplifting. Life. for your business.



Hi, I'm Julaine

Founder and leader of the G Corporation movement. I want to help you align your desire to create business wealth with your desire to fulfill purposes beyond profits. My mission is to show you that:

  • You can become a faith-driven, purpose-driven business owner.
  • You can say “yes” to making profit but “no” to the idea of making profit at all costs.
  • You can embrace your relationship with God and find a strong sense of shared purpose that will help you meet today's business challenges.

The elevation of business purpose starts with YOU!

I invite you to join the G Corporation movement of those on the leading edge of changing the world of business.

I remember the day it became clear to me how important having a purpose beyond profits is to sustainable business success, as well as what it took for me to get there. Listen to my Tedx-type talk to SAP Concur employees to learn more about my journey.